Developing apps with docker

Bind mounts / Volume

We know that each container is based on an image and that container if destroyed all the content on it will be gone. There are 3 ways of preserving / sharing files between containers and those are: Bind mount, Volume and tmpfs mount.

Image #1. Shared storage

Docker compose

Now that we know this, we are going to use the Volume as a good practice to follow while developing with containers. For this we are going to use docker-composer and our example app is based in a nodejs application and also uses a mongo DB that is shared in another location.

Image #2. docker-compose.yml
Image #3. Compiling docker compose
Image #4. Changing the code
Image #5. Tailing logs



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Josué Carvajal

Josué Carvajal

Sr. Security software engineer working in the DevSecOps area. CompTIA Sec+, C|EH