How To — Use JMeter to test Apache connection handling

How To Install JMeter (CentOS)

Proxies basics

Setting up our first Test Plan

  • The number of threads will be the total number of connections to attack the target.
  • Ram-up Period is the time in seconds JMeter will take in order to reach the maximum number of threads set above
  • The above properties need to be handled gracefully if you set a lot of a number of threads and a low ramp up period that will impact the CPU of the target.
  • For example: In the next image we will create 100 connections (user connections) in 1 second until we stop the attack (infinity Loop count)

Monitoring the target

#Details of the connections 
netstat -alnp | grep 8001
#Count of the connections at 8001netstat -alnp | grep 8001 | wc -l



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Josué Carvajal

Josué Carvajal

Sr. Security software engineer working in the DevSecOps area. CompTIA Sec+, C|EH